Swim Lighting

Whether you are new to swimming or are a returning member, EUSC has something for you! Please come and find us during freshers week and see what the club has to offer and try out some of our sessions for free!

Decided you want to join? Find us at the Freshers Fair on Saturday or sign up via tilt (try.tilt.com/EUSC) – you will still need to fill out a membership form and be given your membership card, but this can be done at a session.

Freshers Week Facebook Event

Meet and Greet

Wednesday 14th September 12:00-13:00

Come along to the meet and Greet session at the Ram Bar garden on campus, where you will have the opportunity to meet this years committee and ask any questions you have about the club. It is also a great chance to meet some returning and new members of the club. We will then be walking to St Lukes pool from here, ready for the swim taster session at 14:00.

St Lukes Taster

Wednesday 14th September 14:00-16:00

Following the meet and Greet we will be walking to St Lukes pool for the taster session. You will be able to see how sessions are normally run at our main pool at St Lukes Campus.

Cornwall House Taster

Friday 16th September 12:00-14:00

To try to make summer last as long as possible, we will be holding another swimming session, but this time in our outdoor pool. This is near Lafrowda Accommodation. Again, an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the club and how we run our training sessions. Whats more, this session will be taken by our specialist training coach Nye!


Friday 16th September 19:00

Pop along to Old Timers pub for a drink and a chat with us all in a casual setting and the chance to meet many returning members of the club and those who will be joining us this year. For those who wish, we will be heading to the nearby Timepiece to finish the night afterwards. This is a great opportunity to see the club in all its glory.


Beginners Swimming Course

Starting: 29th September 2016
Pyramids Pool: 21:00-22:00

Want to learn how to swim? Please click on the image below for more information on how you can get involved and find us at the freshers fair in the Sports Park on Saturday 17th September to sign up for this course!

Sportivate Flyer