If you’ve got a great idea or a suggestion of how we could do things better you can submit them to the committee using the form to the right (below on mobile). Your suggestion will be reviewed and if permitted published to this page below with our response. So How does it work?

Stage 1.

You submit your suggestion to our form to the left (Below if you’re on a mobile) and mark whether you would like to keep it private or allow us to publish it to this page. We will never publish your name or email on this page.

Stage 2.

We receive your suggestion and review it for naughty language etc. If it’s all good we’ll add it to the page and mark it as under review.

Under Review

Stage 3.

Your suggestion will then be discussed by the committee to decide how to proceed with it. We will then mark it as either

Being Implemented



and provide an explanation as to why we made that decision and what we will do about it.

Recent Suggestions and Ideas

Subject: More Pyramids Sessions
Status: Not Feasible 

Your Suggestion: We definitely need more sessions at the Pryamids. 1 won’t suffice a growing squad. Look at Tuesday evening, so over crowded you can’t even train a full session. Needs to be more sessions at Pryamids or even look into Riverside Pool?

Our Response: It’s probably easiest to start out by saying – yes we would love to have more sessions at pyramids but there aren’t any available. Pyramids is fully booked all week; we took the last session they had when we introduced that session last year.

As far as Riverside is concerned we’ve had many discussions about it and every time come to the same conclusion: it wouldn’t attract enough members to be a worthwhile investment of everyone’s membership (Approximately £3000 a year). We currently have lots of sessions with very low attendance (Monday and Friday morning, both weekend sessions and Pyramids on Thursday). Admittedly Monday and Friday do clash with many of our member’s lectures but weekend and Thursdays are a good alternative to the busy Tuesday sessions.

We’re working to improve the quality of all our sessions, specifically those without our coaches Nye or Jo present. We are introduction more coaching through our new student coaching scheme, investing heavily in new equipment and repairing our old equipment (the lane ropes are being fixed ASAP, we have a LOT of floats and pullbouys on order and we’ve just purchased a GoPro for video analysis).

If another session at pyramids does become available in future years we’ll jump at it. But for now it’s just not viable

Subject: Ideas Suggestion Form 
Status: Implemented

Your Suggestion: There’s no way of making suggestions about the club and know that it’s got any further than the committee member I spoke to.

Our Response: We’ve created this new page on our website making it easier for everyone to suggest and track their ideas of how to improve the club. Now when you make a suggestion we’ll post it here and update it with a reason why we can’t or can do it once we’ve reviewed it’s feasibility.