If you were a part of EUSC, we’re sure you have many unforgettable memories, made some life long friends and it made your university days as good as they were. We’re expanding our alumni database and want to keep in touch with everyone that has gone through EUSC. To keep you updated we now send out alumni newsletters to let you know how the club is doing and to inform you about upcoming events such as Christmas Dinner, Varsity, End of Season Dinner and Alumni Reunions.

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If you have any EUSC photos we would be grateful if you could share them with us so we can expand on our gallery and build on the memories – Drop us a message and we’ll add them to the gallery!

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Club Records

Official university swimming competition results only date back to 2004 so if at your time at EUSC the club had achieved any noteable successes we would appreciatie if you could contact us so we can update our records accordingly.

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If you would like to give something back to EUSC, we would be grateful for any contribution you can offer. We would like to improve and update our swimming equipment, increase the amount of coached sessions and outsource some of our training to better facilities. We currently have one training camp a year and are aiming to run more. Your donation will make these improvements achievable. Thank you for your support.

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