This page is an archive of the committee from 2016/17 – for the current committee please see the committee page

The swimming committee are here to make sure you have the best possible swimming experience during your time here at university. The club is run entirely by the Committee, made up of the 11 students below. If you need help with anything to do with the club or simply want to know more get in contact with a member of committee or let us know through the contact page and we’ll do all we can to help! The committee are supported in coaching by our 2 coaches, Jo John and Nye Levett. Scroll down to find out more.


Lydia Smith
Club Captain

Hi I’m Lydia, a fourth year Maths student and your Club Captain for 2016/17. I am here to make sure that the club is running smoothly and to ensure that members feel welcome at all times. I have close contact with the University Athletic Union and work alongside the rest of the committee to allow for all our swimmers to receive the best possible experience and to get the most out of their time at EUSC. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to ask me at training or feel free to email me.

Email: [email][/email]

Jonny Brend
Vice Captain

Hi, I’m Jonny, a 2nd year Medical student and one of the Vice-Captains for 2016/17.  I will be working with the rest of the committee to ensure you have a great time swimming with us this year.  I will help with the smooth running of the club and will help to organise accommodation, transport, and our long course training camp in Cardiff.  If you have any problems or questions, you can find me at training or walking around St Luke’s.  Alternatively, feel free to drop me an email.

Email: [email][/email]

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Mari Nerdrum
 Vice Captain

Hey guys, I’m Mari, a second year Human Biosciences student and one of the Vice Captains for 2016/17! I will be working with Jonny and the rest of the committee to make this year the best it can be for all members, ensure everything runs smoothly and help organise trips away. If you have any questions or just fancy a chat, feel free to grab me at a session or drop me an e-mail.

Email: [email][/email]

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Alex Winter

Hi, I’m Alex, a 4th year Maths student and your treasurer for 2016/17. My role on the committee is to manage the club’s finances by assigning budgets, authorising all payments and keeping track of the club’s transactions. If you would like to discuss or have any suggestions on how we can spend the club’s money, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Email: [email][/email]

Eliza Gilchrist
General Secretary

Hey everyone!! I’m Eliza, and I’m a second-year French and Spanish student. This year I will be your General Secretary – meaning that I will continue and try to add to the sponsorship we currently receive, share individual and group successes we have, and record meeting minutes to keep track of how we are progressing as a club! If you ever have any suggestions or need any help, feel free to contact me!

Email: [email][/email]

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Brad Skillicorn
Event & Relations Secretary

Hey all, I’m a 3rd Year BsC Geographer and I’ll be organising all our major events next year including a Germany competition, Varsity at Bristol as well as our very own Varsity, and also a secret event that I will reveal next term! Effectively I am here to ensure we truly ‘Bleed Green’ no matter where we are!! Also, I will be looking after all the beautiful alumni members we have, and making sure they are still involved and very much stay in touch. No matter what your question, do not hesitate to drop me a line on email or facebook.

Email: [email][/email]

Hannah Pullinger
Competition Secretary

Hey! I’m Hannah, a third year Geographer and your Competition Secretary for this year. My role will be to organise the teams for BUCS, team champs and Varsity, and to encourage as many swimmers as possible to participate in the time trial events, so targets can be created and progress tracked. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate in contacting me!

Email: [email][/email]

Emily Coulson
Social Secretary

Hi guys, I’m a third year English Lit student and I will be your social sec along with Sam. We’re in charge of organising the weekly socials and making sure everyone has a fab time and feels completely welcome and chilled out within the club. I’m sure you will all become familiar faces very quickly but feel free to get in touch with any questions about anything at all!

Email: [email][/email]

Sam Johnson
Social Secretary

Hi guys, I’m a 3rd Biologist and I’m one of your social secs for this year. This means that I’ll be about every week at our socials making sure everyone the best night of their week and pretty much just enjoying being part of the club. Any questions, feel free to drop me an email:

Email: [email][/email]

UnknownAnna Bedford
Stash Secretary

Hey! I’m Anna, a 3rd year Geographer and your stash sec for this year. My main job is to make sure we all look fab representing the club. Any questions about kit, suggestions of what you want to make us stand out or just fancy a chat send me an email, find me on poolside or on campus (I’m usually the one wearing full EUSC stash).

Email: [email][/email]


Callum Aldous
Circuits Coach

Hi I’m Callum, a fourth year Maths student and your circuits coach for 2016/2017. I’ll be writing and running the weekly circuits sessions consisting of some cardio and resistance training in the St Lukes sports hall. If you have any questions or anything you want to do in these sessions, then feel free to drop me a message.

Email: [email][/email]

Coaching Team

Along side the Committee we have 2 professional coaches assist at 2 training sessions a week.


Nye Levett

Our coach Nye Levett is the founder of NL – Wellness, a personal training, swimming coaching and nutritional company based in Exeter. He is also a former EUSC member, training with the club for 3 years. Nye is committed to providing an enjoyable, functional and scientific approach to training. He believes in helping his clients achieve their goals safely in the most productive, fastest and most structured way possible. This is achieved by providing tailored fitness training, nutritional and lifestyle advice.

Nye provides the club with his expertise through, writing every training set as well as providing regular video analysis and nutrition talks.

Jo John - Coach

Jo John

Jo John is an ASA qualified coach who has been involved with swimming for over 40 years as a swimmer, teacher and coach. Her own swimming career culminated in winning a Silver and a Bronze medal at the World Masters Championships in Portland, Oregon.

Prior to becoming head coach at Exeter City Swimming Club she worked for the ASA as a Talent Development Officer – involved in organising and running training camps, coach education, mentoring coaches, assessing swimmers and coaches and working with clubs.

Jo is regarded as one of the finest coaches in the country.

Intramural Captains

We offer 3 intramural teams for all of our members to take part in for free. These our run by our intramural captains below.

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Eliza Cheah
Netball Intramural Captain

Eliza is in charge of the Mighty Spermwhales netball team. For anyone interested in joining in drop her an email ( or add yourself to the Facebook group:

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Elliot Inions
Football Intramural Captain

Elliot is in charge of the Mighty Spermwhales Football team. For anyone interested in joining in drop them an email ( or add yourself to the Facebook group:

Rounders: Decided Soon

TBD is in charge of the Might Spermwhales Rounders team. For anyone interested in joining in drop them an email (…) or add yourself to the Facebook group:

Rounders Facebook

Rounders will take place in term 3.