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Varsity 2016

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Swimmers, it’s almost time for one of the biggest and best events of the EUSC calendar, that special event that consistently goes down in EUSC folklore…

The Exeter University Swimming Club’s annual VARSITY!

Every year, we hold this event in order to raise money for our chosen charity. This year we have voted to support MIND, a charity that works closely to help those suffering from mental health, and is a charity close to many of our members.

This all day event will commence on Saturday the 27th of February at the Pyramids Leisure Centre at 12:30pm where we will welcome our rivals from a number of neighbouring Universities, as well as welcoming back the ‘Exeter Legends’; a team made up of past EUSC members. During an afternoon of swimming prowess and socialising madness, we will all compete to take home the title of Varsity Champions (of which our A-team is this current holder!)!

Following this (finish at 3:00pm), we will depart to prepare for one hell of a night out with our new swim friends! Starting with a cheeky pub crawl through Exeter (starting at the Imperial at 7:30pm), we will be ending up in the beloved Lemon Grove where we will invade the dancefloor to bust some shapes until closing time and beyond!

A few pointers before we leave you with these good tidings:

FIRSTLY, as tradition, the theme is UNI TRIBAL COLORS! This means that once we regroup for the pub crawl, you will be expected to be in some form of ‘tribal’ attire sporting the colours of your University (Exeter = Green and White if that really needs explaining…). This can be anything from going all out and decking yourself in green and white paint/cloth etc. to just drawing on a couple of green stripes on your face (although poor effort). Not making even the slightest of efforts will result in a suitable punishment…

SECONDLY, if you are feeling generous/don’t mind lending your sofas or floor to some of our esteemed fellow swimming guests for the night, PLEASE inform Brad ([email]bs333@exeter.ac.uk[/email]) or Rachael ([email]rf322@exeter.ac.uk[/email[) as we need to know who we can count on for accommodation for our visiting teams.

THIRDLY, GET INVOLVED! This is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people, get to know your club (especially if you’re interested in running for a committee position winkwink) and just generally have an amazing day/night!

Any questions, feel free to contact BradRachael or any other committee member as we’ll all be more than happy to convince you to turn up!

See you all there very soon,

Lots of splishy splashy love,

On a separate but related note, anyone who needs any promotional media for the event, it’s all available on our dedicated branding page at the bottom. (http://www.universityofexeterswimmingclub.co.uk/contact/branding/)

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Hi, I’m a 4th year mechanical engineering student and my role within the committee is to manage the clubs finances by assigning budgets, authorising all payments and keeping track of the clubs transactions. Anything spent by the club must go through me for approval first so we don’t overspend and everyone has a most excellent time. I am also in charge of maintaining the website so please feel free to contact me about anything to do with that. If you have any questions or a suggestion for how we spend our “wonga” (translation: money) drop me an email at swimming.treasure@exeter.ac.uk.
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