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Varsity 2014

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Calling ALL EUSC alumni and present members….We are excited to announce that VARSITY 2014 will be held on the 1st MARCH – Pyramids Leisure centre. Save the date in your diary. The charity that we are proud to be supporting is the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice supporting terminally ill people and their families. More info coming soon.


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Treasurer 15/16

Hi, I’m a 4th year mechanical engineering student and my role within the committee is to manage the clubs finances by assigning budgets, authorising all payments and keeping track of the clubs transactions. Anything spent by the club must go through me for approval first so we don’t overspend and everyone has a most excellent time. I am also in charge of maintaining the website so please feel free to contact me about anything to do with that. If you have any questions or a suggestion for how we spend our “wonga” (translation: money) drop me an email at swimming.treasure@exeter.ac.uk.
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