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A huge event in the EUSC calendar is Rock Solid, I know it is a long way until March 19th (Saturday), but it is set to be an absolute cracker and not to be missed!

Set in the rolling hills of East Devon, Escot Park is where ROCKSOLID RACE began in 2013. Sandwiched between the steep inclines, you’ll face the deepest mud, freezing cold lakes and thousands of spectators, against the backdrop of spectacular scenery that will surely haunt you if you miss training. Escot Park is where we debuted our HYDROSLIDE in 2015, so you can expect that crowd pleaser to make an appearance once again

Source: Rocksolid.life

EUSC have been there since the start and will be entering a team once again.

Entries are now open for our ‘EUSC Dream Team’. The prices go up the longer you leave it, so enter now and save your self some money.

This year we will be once again running the 15km black run. That may seem a long way but with Sunday morning runs starting again soon, circuits and all that swimming you’re doing everyone should be more than capable of this by the time march comes round.

How to Enter

  1. Visit http://www.rocksolid.life/race-exeter/ and hit the Book Saturday button.
  2. Press Join a Team and enter our team name “EUSC Dream Team”.
  3. Enter the team password “Dreamteam” (Case sensitive).
  4. Add a bus ticket and the black run team size 21-30
  5. Click Enter Promotional code and add “NUS10” to get your lovely student self 10% off
  6. Press Register.
  7. Fill in all your details and select a start time of 11:00 (Don’t worry if it’s all full, just select another and they’ll shuffle people around so we’re all together”
  8. Finally select a T-shirt size, press Pay Now and you’re all signed up




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