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Rocksolid 2014

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EUSC had 25 of its members taking part in the 10km RockSolid Race on the 15th March at Escot Park. This 10km obstacle course included 12ft walls, a cargo net, barbed wire, an ice bath, as well as a lot of mud. Everyone enjoyed their day and EUSC are looking forward to taking a big team to Escot Park next year.

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Hi, I’m a 4th year mechanical engineering student and my role within the committee is to manage the clubs finances by assigning budgets, authorising all payments and keeping track of the clubs transactions. Anything spent by the club must go through me for approval first so we don’t overspend and everyone has a most excellent time. I am also in charge of maintaining the website so please feel free to contact me about anything to do with that. If you have any questions or a suggestion for how we spend our “wonga” (translation: money) drop me an email at swimming.treasure@exeter.ac.uk.
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