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Annual General Meeting

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Hi Swimmers,

Please note that our Annual General Meeting will be held on the 14th March this year. The meeting will Take place at The Queens building, LT 2 (Streatham Campus), Starting at 18:30PM.  This is your opportunity to run for a position on the EUSC Committee or vote on who you want to see on the committee next year. Without people who are willing to give their time and effort to the club, we wouldn’t be able to run it so I’d encourage anyone; who thinks they have the necessary skills, to run for a position. It’s a great way of building professional skills that transfer to lots of different career paths and a very rewarding, enriching thing to be involved in during your time at Exeter. A brief summary of each role on our committee can be found on the ‘Committee’ section of the website: (http://www.universityofexeterswimmingclub.co.uk/about/committee/) . If you have any further questions about any of the roles, there are contact details for the current committee on the page. Even if you don’t plan on running for a role please come along to vote to ensure your voice is heard.

If you are looking to apply for Social Secretary or Circuits coach, you’ll need to get in contact with either Brad or Rachel (Social secs;bs333@exeter.ac.uk, rf322@exeter.ac.uk) or Elly (Circuits; et302@exeter.ac.uk). This is to give you a chance to run a practice social/session to make sure you are comfortable with what the role involves.

If you would like to apply for Vice- Captain You must be certain that you’ll be at the University for at least Two more Academic years after this one. The Club Captain Role is open to Current Vice- Captains only prix viagra 50 mg pfizer.

If You plan on running for a position please get in contact with either Brad: (bs333@exeter.ac.uk), or myself: (swimming.captain@exeter.ac.uk).  

Keep Speeches to a maximum of one minute, this helps us to avoid delays on the night and encourages you to be precise. If you are unsuccessful in applying for one position but would like to try your hand at a different one you can easily do this on the night if you let us know in advance.

It would be great to see as many faces as possible, the committee work hard year on year to bring you the best possible student experience so show your support by turning out to vote at least. The Facebook page for this event can be found online (https://www.facebook.com/events/541433526021089/ ) . The night out afterwards is always good fun.

Splishy, Splashy Love,

Sam Harvey

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Club Captain 15/16

Hi, I’m your Club Captain for 2015/16. My job is to make sure you have the best possible experience at EUSC and to liaise with our University Athletic Union to ensure the safe and smooth running of the club. I work closely with the rest of the Committee and I’m a primary point of contact for EUSC so if there’s anything you’d like to know please email me at swimming.captain@exeter.ac.uk
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